Johnson Power High Performance Industrial Universal Joints
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Johnson Power High Performance Industrial Universal Joints

Flexible Disc Couplings

FormFlex Metal Disc - Flexible Couplings

  Over 30 years Experience in
Metal Disc Couplings

Complete Product Offering 
Torque capacity to 3175 HP/100 RPM
Close couple, spacer and floating shaft design

High Strength Steel Fasteners
No moving parts
Zero backlash

High Strength Stainless Steel Flex Discs
High torsional stiffness
No lubrication required

Fans and Blowers
Food processing 
Machine Tools

 Disc Coupling Johnson Power

All Metal Construction  
Wide Temperature Range
Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel
Composite materials now available

Typical Applications
Pumps Engine Driven Equipment
Pumps Engine Driven Equipment
FORMFLEX spacer and close couple designs are ideally suited for all types of pump applications. FORMFLEX heavy duty FSH series couplings are commonly used to drive reciprocating compressors and other engine driven equipment.
Printing Positioning Systems
Printing Positioning Systems
FORMFLEX couplings' high torsional stiffness allows precise registration for high quality printing lineshaft application. Zero backlash and high torsional stiffness make FORMFLEX the first choice for servo and stepper drives.
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